Found a Hurt Bird – Here’s What You Should Do

Found a Hurt Bird – Here’s What You Should Do

For many of us, when we observe a fellow creature writhing in pain, our altruistic instincts urge us to rush to their aid. However, in the case of an injured bird, curb that compulsion momentarily and consider the following.

Let’s entertain a hypothetical situation where a bird is injured from flying into a front or backyard window – an example without exception relatable for homeowners:

You notice or speculate that a bird has just collided with your window and consistent an injury (likely to the head). Chances are that some of his fellows are waiting in the wings nearby, assessing the situation with their own birdlike careful curiosity.

If the bird appears mobile, keep a watchful eye on it from nearby. If after a minute or so the bird has not moved on, fetch a pair of gloves – preferably latex gloves or something just as soft and dexterous – and a medium size container: perhaps a cardboard box padded with a towel for cushioning. Approach slowly with gloves on and container in hand.

Tip the container on its side with one hand, and gingerly coax the bird into the bottom of the cardboard box with the other. If he tries to make a run for it, put down the container and gently grasp the bird by its sides with both hands, move it to the now-upright container, and close. Enclosing our flightless inpatient in a dark, comparatively expansive cardboard box provides a safe ecosystem from which it may potentially regain composure, away from the opportunistic eyes of resident predators.

Once the bird has been contained, leave it alone for an hour. Depending on when the bird first injured itself, this period should be set aside as a sort of golden hour, where the symptoms of injury may subside, worsen or keep the same.

Because we want to manager the bird as little as possible, the hope is that upon removing the bird from the container it flies away without further assistance.

Unfortunately, if the symptoms do not enhance or the bird is unable to fly, there is really only one intelligent and legal option on the table: consult a recognized animal rescue/rehabilitation hospital near you. Without the proper documentation, it is illegal to care for most every native bird species’.

Not to worry: most animal rescue and rehab centers are well-equipped and more than willing to take-on a new patient!

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