Forex Robot Trading – Why Forex Robots Always Lose Money

Forex robot trading is popular but the consequence is an equity wipe out and traders learn you don’t get high for spending a associate of hundred bucks and making no effort. It’s obvious why robots lose and that is the subject of this article…

The Forex robot industry appeals to the naïve or greedy trader who thinks Forex trading is easy and a walk in the park. No serious Forex trader would ever consider using the robots you see heavily advertised online, as the claims most make are laughable. Here are just a few.

-Double your account equity each month

-already the world’s super traders don’t do this and neither will a cheap robot

-Trade with 90% accuracy

Robots claim they do, just as they claim they can double your money each month but there is no real track record that’s independently audited of such gains.

Most of the time you get a back tested track record done on paper, knowing the closing prices and that’s not hard. Sometimes you already see a real track record but it’s never independently verified, so it’s up to you if you want to trust it – I wouldn’t!

If you could really make as much money as the vendors claim with Forex robot trading, the vendor would simply trade and make billions (if you could really double your money each month, it doesn’t take long!) and not bother you, for a few hundred dollars.

Forex robots give the Forex industry a bad name and none of the hyped ones work.

If You want to Win:

Forget get high quick schemes that potential you riches with no effort, as it’s clearly not true instead, get yourself a decent Forex education, learn skills, gain confidence in what you’re doing and you will be rewarded with money trading success.

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