Feng Shui Remedies for Horse, Goat and Monkey Horoscope in Year of Rabbit 2011

Feng Shui Remedies for Horse, Goat and Monkey Horoscope in Year of Rabbit 2011

The symbolism of Feng Shui is high in the imagery of a people steeped in an ancient folklore and legends. This is to be expected since the Chinese have a longer recorded history than that of most other civilizations. Many of these rituals and beliefs came from the ancient practice of Feng Shui. Today let see how we apply all these symbolic enhancers for horoscope Horse, Goat and Monkey in year of Rabbit 2011.


Lucky stars are standing by your life chart to lessen the intrusion of evil stars. Anyway, you must always aware of scandals or gossips by minding your own business, talk less and act within moral method. Carry a Lucky Pendant would prevent or stop all scandals. Meanwhile, students will make great stride. use a Supremacy Pendant will enhance the clarity of your mind and consequently enhance academic luck. For those doing business, characterize a Wealth invite Gourd at the auspicious sector to build up wealth and attract many eminent aids. Besides, by having a Wisdom Pen Holder could help to harness your thinking strength and bring it up to the next level.


With the presence of the evil stars, your lucky stars are unable to render any help. There may be incidence of lawsuits or ensuing conflicts. You may be troubled by many illness and injuries related issues. Besides praying to Grand Duke of Jupiter and White Tiger Deity, do carry a Grand Duke Jupiter Propitious Pouch for safe passage and transform dangers into blessing in concealment. In term of relationship, carry Phoenix Pendant to enhance your aura of allurement to the opposite gender. In addition to characterize a Solar Stars of Riches for fortune accumulation and dispel lawsuits, you can use Windfall Earning or All in Good Time to enhance wealth luck and transform misfortune to good.


There are two great guardian stars and many other lucky stars to strength you up. Strong luck level brings you joyous and a smooth sailing year. Sexual and wealth exhausting stars cause harsh wealth loss. consequently, it is important to be prudent in your expenses. Carry an Obsidian Pendant to fend off illicit affairs and bad spell illnesses. You can also carry a Fortune Gem or Wealthy Pouch to soak in wealth energy and for protection. characterize Treasure Pot to build up wealth or a Basalt Apparatus to avid disasters and to enhance your wealth luck. Place a Wisdom Pen Holder at home to enhance your analytical thinking and wisdom.

For more detailed zodiac forecast of year 2011, may take a look at 2011 Year of Rabbit Chinese Horoscope that elaborate with more details in term of career, wealth, health and relationship.

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