far away Viewing For Lotto Over the Internet – Second Experiment

In the past article, I have mentioned that I found a good partner over the Internet, to far away view together with me, for two different lotto systems. I also mentioned that, as far as I know, this is the first attempt of its kind on the Internet. Our task was to prepare ourselves and learn well about our project, and to gather the necessary materials, until the last detail, in such a way to succeed. We are now well prepared, already excited to use these mental abilities to make money from our lotteries. My partner learned quickly to far away view and now we can start.

My purpose here is to show the first my session on his lotto system. I made it at 1 a.m. my time, because the 8 hours difference between our time. I closed my eyes and closest had an image of a scenery. In less than 20 minutes, I saw and described 15 objects. I sent him an e-mail closest, with five combinations of three numbers. From these combinations, one combination was good, but because the numbers were not in the same order, we won only $ 60. I have also noticed that closely focusing on his system, at that late hour, after middle night, it was very tiring for me and may be just an impediment that prevents me from getting a better consequence. I need to change this program.

far away viewing exists and this ability should be improved permanently. It requires to quiet the mind. When you quiet your mind, you have a better perception and vision, such as to see into the future, including the next winning numbers of your lottery. If we know about these exceptional abilities, we can be truly happy that our expanded awareness is not limited by either time or space. My partner had to focus his attention eight hours into the future to correctly describe the six objects that represent six numbers of ny system and probably it was hard for him in the first session.

Nevertheless, his mental impressions of two numbers out of three in his system, was highly statistically meaningful. Someone can say that it was by chance, but I am sure that it is greater than chance expectation. In this series we are trying to describe the day-to-day his draws and my twice a week draws. However, I am confident that whenever one person demonstrates a psychic ability, it can be seen as an inspiration to the rest of people, as an indication of an undeveloped human possible.

What we learned from this trial is that, there is no distance for our invisible mind to see and we have an intuitive inherent neglected capability, which we have to necessarily develop. Our invisible minds have access to the whole universe and much more than that. We are happy only when and if we follow our passion and the desire to understand what is not in addition understood. Our recent results are indisputable and we will continue to experience this subject and inform you.These experiences are obtainable to anyone seeking an answer to his lottery.

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