Elbow substitute Surgery In India – Procedure, Risk, Recovery & R…

Elbow substitute Surgery In India – Procedure, Risk, Recovery & R…

What is Elbow substitute Surgery?

Pain in the elbow joint is usually treated by replacing the elbow with an artificial joint. Although elbow substitute surgery is scarce compared to hip or knee substitute surgery, the success rate of this surgery is very high. The predominant cause of this is rheumatoid arthritis or an injury in the elbow.

If there is harsh pain, the doctor will recommend an Elbow substitute Surgery so as to reduce pain and enhance the movement of the elbow. The surgery takes about two hours approximately, however, the healing course of action is long drawn.

Elbow substitute Surgery in India is an attractive option today for medical tourists who expect better procedures and treatment without compromising the safety and quality of care.

Elbow substitute Surgery Procedure

A complete physical examination is a pre-required if the patient decides to undergo an Elbow substitute Surgery. This is to confirm that the patient is healthy enough so as to permit an easy recovery.

Patients who have a history of heart diseases will have to have a checkup with a cardiologist before the surgery. Medications like blood thinners will have to be stopped for a while. It is also important to inform the orthopedic surgeon about the medications being taken.

In certain instances, some over-the-counter medications can rule to heavy bleeding. These medicines must be stopped at the minimum 14 days prior to the surgery. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin and naproxen sodium fall in this category.

Since there will be difficulty in raising the hand for weeks post the surgery, the patient should also do a bit of home planning such as placing things required on low shelves. The patient will also need assistance from someone to perform day to day activities such as washing clothes, dishes etc.

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Elbow substitute Surgery Side Effects & Risks

except the general surgical risks such as that of anesthesia, the side effects of the Elbow substitute Surgery are:

The risks of infection: An Elbow substitute Surgery increases the risks of infection especially in the wound or thorough around the artificial joint elements. It can either happen while in the hospital after the surgery or already a few years later. If the patient is sick with an infection in any part of the body, it can also spread to the joint substitute. While minor infections in the wound can be treated with antibiotics, harsh infections may require a surgical removal of the artificial joint. Wearing down of the implant over time: If the implant wears down considerably, an additional surgery may be required. However, revision surgery is required only in extreme situations. Surgery can cause damage to the nerves nearby. Such situations are infrequent and generally get better over time without requiring any additional treatment. Problems in wound healing can occur if the incision is not protected with care. Elbow substitute Surgery Recovery

The patient can go home 2-4 days after the surgery. In most situations, the patient can consume normal food and get out of the bed 24 hours after the procedure. Pain may persist but medications to reduce it will be provided by the doctor. The patient should talk to the surgeon if the post-operative discomfort and pain continue.

Well planned and organized rehabilitation course of action is basic to have a successful recovery. Exercises of the hand and wrist stated by the doctor should be done regularly. Light elbow motions and movements can be done once the incision is healed. The patient is generally asked not to put any weight on the arm or push strongly with the hand up to one and a half months after the surgery.

Treatment Options obtainable in India

Elbow substitute Surgery in India is a growing field of specialization. With the arrival of new medical technology, many hospitals in India are able to offer better and affordable solutions to your elbow illness. Options for the Elbow substitute Surgery in India can be found across the various metropolitan cities in the country.

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