Duct Cleaner Review: Electric Hypervac

If you have not seen the Electric Hypervac offered by Heat Seal Equipment it is worth a closer look. It is one of the most rare designs obtainable in air duct cleaning industry as far as a portable vacuum is concerned. The real difference is its cone shaped design which goes against the industry-standard. The promotional material claims that this unit was built from 20 years plus of industry experience for the ultimate one-man operation. Is it too good to be true?

At first to peek briefly the vacuum unit seems a bit strange but upon a closer look you see it’s true beauty. The design of this HEPA vacuum is made out of aircraft aluminum and is painstakingly welded each and every time a vacuum is ordered. To continue the beauty the vacuum comes in a highly scratch resistant powder coated finish. Being that the vacuum unit is electric the question is does it have enough strength to get the job done. Yes. The genius in this design is that they allow you to run a 220 V operation on a 110 V circuit. How they are able to offer this is by including their 220 V inverter which converts 110 to 220 with a simple plug. I shouldn’t say included as you do have to pay an additional $190 for the inverter but it is definitely worth it. If you have done a duct cleaning job where the strength is not sufficient to complete a complete cleaning you know how frustrating electric strength supplies can be.

One thing we did notice is that the HEPA filter a shim is only three stages which the typical unit maintains five stages for proper HEPA filtration. They are able to continue the HEPA name by including a third stage HEPA cartridge which brings particle capture up to 99.97%. There is a pre-sock filter which will capture most of the debris. This sock filter is machine washable and completely reusable which will save you money in the long run. After all the talk about the HEPA filtration I forgot to mention the HEPA cartridge is replaced at a cost of $160. That is not a bad fee for an estimated 500 uses or more out of the single cartridge.

You can use this powerful Electric Hypervac for both residential and commercial purposes. Many other portable units do not translate well to a commercial job. However with a 4500 CFM output of this unit you should have no problems with small or already mid-size commercial projects.You might be put off by its outward turn up at first but once you see the strength and true beauty of this electric vacuum you definitely will not regret purchasing this unit.

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