Driving on a Suspended License

In Illinois, driving on a suspended or a revoked license because of a DUI carries possible jail time. Driving on suspender or revoked license statute states, that if convicted of a first time offense, you are facing mandatory 10 days in jail or 30 days of community service. Second driving on a suspended or revoked license conviction can consequence in a 30-day jail sentence. Your third conviction can be enhanced to a felony and land you a 180-day jail stay. An experienced lawyer can challenge the validity of a police stop and any evidence collected later to the stop ca often be suppressed. If you are arrested for driving on a suspended or revoked license, and would like to know what options are, call my firm today.

Not all driving on suspended or revoked license arrests are jailable offenses. If your driver license suspension was cause by any of the other factors, than a DUI, you may be able to clear your suspension. What that method is that after you go to court and clear your past ticket that caused your license suspension, the new case will generally be dismissed. Driver license suspension caused by failure to appear in court, parking tickets and financial responsibility can usually be remedied by bringing the case back to court or by paying appropriate fines. Once this is done, the estimate will often dismiss your case, because the basis for original suspension, have been remedied. There is a time limitation during which the case can be re-examined by the court again. Time is of the essence so don’t wait too long before talking to a lawyer. If you need help getting your driving privileges reinstated, call my firm today.

In many situations where a person is stopped by the police and arrested for driving on a suspended or revoked license, probable cause for the stop can be challenged. In instances where the motorist is pulled over because of racial profiling or without of articulate reason, the stop itself is considered to be a violation of constitutional right. Later if the estimate determines that no probable cause existed for the officer to pull the motorist over the case will be dismissed. If you have questions regarding the circumstances surrounding your arrest, call my firm today.

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