In today’s modern life, volunteer work has great significance for society. Doing so brings not only value to the receiver but also meaning to the giver. First of all, it brings positive meanings to people who are in difficult and unhappy circumstances. They can be orphans, lonely people, lonely old people, needy people, beggars. These actions will help them in the immediate future have adequate meals, food to save hunger through the day. Higher, there are jobs that will help them have the ability to move to a better future, maybe be able to go to school, have a stable job,… Loving eyes, sympathetic smiles, sharing will give them strength, lift them up mentally. They have faith in a bright future ahead, a better life.

Bank transfer:
– Abbreviations: VIB
– Bank name: Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank
– Routing (ABA): VNIBVNVX
– Account number: 652704060029584
– Beneficiary name: LE QUANG KHANH LONG

After transferring money, you provide information to email: [email protected]
– Name:
– Address :
– phone:
– Money transfer time:
– Amount of money:
– Post my information on this page: Yes/No

The list of sponsors is posted here

Note: We only use this account for charity.

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