Does He LOVE Me? 2 Weird Ways the Universe Wants to Tell You He Does! (No Bull)

Does He LOVE Me? 2 Weird Ways the Universe Wants to Tell You He Does! (No Bull)

Does he really love me? How can I be sure? And what are the signs he’s the one? How can I tell that he’s the one I’m going to use a lifetime with… for better or for worse? With so many scandals in the news these days… it’s no surprise there is a complete and utter panic in so many relationships… especially when it to is cheating, fidelity and the idea that each of us has a “soulmate” we were destined to meet.

Did you know that some studies show that over 75% of women believe in soul-mates or spiritual partnerships?

Strangely… only about 40% of men do!

And if you can’t already trust that he loves you, how can you possible know for sure he won’t stray, cheat or “trade up” when someone better or more interesting comes along?

The good news?

You CAN! And if you know what to look for….the signs that your man is “true” are FAR easier to see than you realize.

As an emotional intuitive, I not only believe that we are each born with a spiritual partner and special soulmate we are destined to be with, I also believe that the signs of TRUE love are there from the beginning… AND are obvious in ways that unfortunately most women miss!

Want to know what those 2 dominant things are?

They may seem “out there” or new age, or silly to some, but if you believe in PASSION and purpose, and the idea that there is a PLAN to our lives, understanding these 3 signs is basic to meeting (and marrying) the man of your dreams.

1 – The Amore of Aura

Every good emotional empath, or love psychic/intuitive will tell you that TRUE love, has an emotional energy that can be read. Scientists now call this “subtle energy” and they use it to study healing, hope and happiness. Psychics call this an AURA, and it’s truly visible to a sensitive from miles away… simply by the sound of your voice. (and every emotion has a corresponding color aura – from the darkness of depression to the fire red of PASSION to the thorough blue of everlasting love)

2 – The Karma of Connection

Have a series of strange things conspired to bring you together? Did you meet in an doubtful way? Did everything that HAD to go right fall into place for you to be together? I believe that the universe conspires to bring people who are meant to be together into the RIGHT circumstances to make that happen and there is NO better sign than he is your soulmate and true spiritual partner, than when you understand that there are forces FAR greater than you that want this relationship to work!

At the end of the day, in my 20 years of researching “psychic connections” between couples – people who believe in fate, karma and intuition are FAR more likely to find their soul-mates, and true happiness than those that don’t!

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