Distilled Water

Is Distilled Water Good For You?

I am often asked if distilled water is good for a person. First I think it important to understand what distilled water is. Distilled water is water that has been boiled, turned to steam, and then condensed, i.e. the temperature lowered, so that it returns to a liquid state, becomes water again. Why would anyone go by the trouble of doing this. Quite simply what you start with is water filled with other things such as chlorine, metals, medicine, you get the idea and what you end up with is pure water with nothing in it but water. Reverse Osmosis which is the kind water forced by a membrane and found in most bottled water is also pure water. That sounds like the perfect fluid for the body doesn’t it? Pure water is good for you, right? Well the short answer is, no pure water is not good for you. Let’s examine why.

Why Not Distilled Water?

Your body is an electrical circuit. Your brain communicates and regulates every system in the body by a series of electrical signals sent by the nerves. Muscle contractions whether using muscles to smile of lift a heavy weight is dependent on a nerves firing thorough within the muscle fibers to ignite a twitch. OK but what exactly does that have to do with distilled, reverse osmosis, or pure water. Pure water is an insulator, it will not conduct electricity. What happens when you put an insulator in an electrical circuit? The flow of electricity stops. Communication ceases. However in the case of your body, being an amazing machine it, the body, has the ability to reach into the mineral bank of your body, your skeletal system and withdraw minerals to mix with this pure water so that it will become a conductor. The body really has no choice in the matter. It can ill provide to allow systems or communications to shut down. A associate of things occur when this happens. You run the risk of depleting your stores of minerals stored within the bone which can rule to problems such as osteoporosis, and arthritis. Also the heart is dependent on and electrolyte balance being maintained so it can beat at the proper rhythm. Disrupt this course of action and heart arrhythmia can consequence. It is also necessary for the body to use precious energy to change this pure water into a form that will not disrupt your bodies systems. This is energy your body could use to fight off virus or bacteria, or used to raise your immune system. Why waste this energy on an unnecessary chore?

different To Distilled Water

So what is the different. The water you drink should be filtered yes to remove the chlorine, heavy metals, and medicine residue it contains, it should then have minerals put back in so that the water your drinking does not have to be changed by the body. Your body then does not need or have to withdraw minerals from your bones and cartilage. Why force the body to do something it does not have to do? This water, if the proper combination of minerals is used then becomes alkaline. Drinking alkaline water is one of the most important things you can do to preserve your health. Every system in the body responds to your drinking alkaline water. Cancer can only develop in an acidic ecosystem. The average cancer patient in 1000 times more acidic than a healthy person. Cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, gout, diabetes and many other diseases so shared require and acidic ecosystem it order to manifest, and continue itself.

More Problems Of Distilled Water

One other thing about pure water. The water clusters within pure water contain many water molecules, usually between 13 and 20. Water reacts like little magnets and will stick to one another in ever growing clusters especially if the water is pure. Water clusters have to be 6 or less in order to be absorbed into your body from the GI track. Here again your body can and will use energy to break down these clusters into smaller parts so the body can absorb this water. That’s why often times when you drink water fast you can feel it sloshing around in your stomach. The body is not able to absorb this water because the clusters are too big. It would be like trying to push a baseball by a garden hose. It just will not fit.

My different For Distilled Water

What do I do? I use water systems that filters out all the bad then put back into my water 17 minerals necessary for good health. The water I drink will also carry a current, that is so important for good health. This water is then passed by a magnetic field which breaks down these water clusters into smaller clusters so it is ready to be absorbed into my body!! Boy does that sound expensive!! By the time I pay for my system, replace the filters every 6 months, I have calculated I have about 7 cents in every gallon of water I drink or use for cooking. That’s cheaper than buying bottled water!!

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