Dehumidifier and Humidifiers – A Breeding Ground For Mold, Algae and B…

Dehumidifier and Humidifiers – A Breeding Ground For Mold, Algae and B…

Dehumidifiers are great for removing excess humidity in a home temporarily. The difference between a Humidifier and a Dehumidifier is that a Humidifier adds moisture to dry air and a Dehumidifier removes moisture from humid air. Both can have the same problem of mold, algae and bacteria buildup in its standing water. These units have standing water in them that requires you to clean them on a regular basis. Monthly is the preferable option. Why, microorganisms will grow rapidly in standing water.

There are many health benefits to both types of units. A dehumidifier removes excess humidity and prevents moisture from accumulating in your home. A humidifier adds moisture to dry winter air to restore moisture to your skin, lips, throat, and nose. Anyone who suffers from sinusitis in the winter knows how dry air can be irritating and painful to the nasal membranes. I find the same problem when I leave S. Florida and go to places like Las Vegas, Nevada in the summer time due to the dry climate there.The first few days, all I do is drink a lot of water but then my nose and lips start to crack from
the dryness.

Great health benefits are obtainable from both types of units. They must be cared for and cleaned properly. If not, you might experience some serious, unwanted side effects from using them. If you don’t clean your dehumidifier or humidifier on a monthly basis, you risk contaminating the air with mold, algae and bacteria.The difference between these units and an A/C Unit is that the A/C Unit drains the water outside away from the unit. The Dehumidifier and Humidifier both have standing water in them at all times.

There are many types of these units out there, some have built-in UV Lights to help keep microorganisms under control. Most require the good old fact cleaning method of washing out the tank with soap and water. The best method is to follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions for cleaning your dehumidifier or humidifier. Follow the instruction manual carefully or you can void your guarantee if you do it the wrong way or use the wrong cleaning solution. If you do not have the manual, call the manufacturer and see if the manual is obtainable online to download. Most do have it obtainable now. There are some companies that offer cleaning sets for these types of units. You will find them in the Yellow Pages.

In conclusion, keep both types of units clean at all times and you will experience improved health benefits in the dry winter time and humid summer time. Be sure to keep both units out of the reach of children. Lastly, watch out for possible leaks from both types of units. I have seen many dehumidifiers leak and cause more mold problems than they had before; because they were not be taken care of properly. Inspect both units on a daily basis, never leave them running when you leave the house. Run them only when you are there to prevent any kind of unwanted leak. Lastly, keep these units away furniture, drapes, or walls.

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