Dealing With an Ant Infestation

Humans and ants have been fighting over living space since history began. truly, the humans have been fighting to keep their living space ant free but it seems a never-ending battle. Why is that?

The truth is, there are many species of ants and very few of them truly live in urban settings. Most live outside far away from human abodes and they are a very important member of the ecosystem. They aid in decomposition, they help aerate soil which improves root development, they aid in pollination, and are very tidy and neat. They have clearly defined roles, are incredibly hard workers, and are off the charts social creatures. You never see an ant living all by itself!

So enough about their positive attributes, the truth is they can be bothersome, frightening, painful pests that will excursion you nuts. The reason they are so irritating is if you find an ant, you have many ants along with it that will destroy food, belongings and other valuables as they forge a path of destruction. Plus they can bite and cause all kinds of problems. Talk to someone with a Fire Ant allergy and you’ll meet someone with a great deal of respect for these little insects!

So if you find you have an infestation, you must think like one of them to determine first and foremost – where they came from. They can be in search of food, water or nesting sites when they analyze. Thankfully, they typically travel in straight lines so if you follow the line, you can often locate the ants entry point.

Deal with the point of entry first and do what you can to seal it up. Caulk, tape, sealant, etc. can all do the job and are the first step in getting rid of them. However, they may have entered from outside and then traveled inside a wall before emerging into the home. consequently, if possible, block the entry spots as best as you can from inside AND outside to get rid of ants.

Now do what you can to eliminate the interior offerings which would be food or water. Cover all food supplies, wipe counters, fix leaky pipes, etc.

If you must use something to kill them, make sure it is a safe, natural product that will not introduce toxins into your home. Some home remedies that can be used with some success are lemon juice, baking soda and Diatomaceous Earth. Unfortunately, these all leave a residue and are not always effective but the goal is to be ant free.

As with any problem, stopping the issue at the source – the ants entry point – is the best solution.

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