Dangerous Areas for Asbestos Exposure

Dangerous Areas for Asbestos Exposure

Old Apartment Buildings

Many apartments were built over 30 years ago and often contain asbestos. Although many building owners have worked to remove the dangerous substance, many apartments have been left untouched. Over time, asbestos fibers can cause serious health concerns, particularly mesothelioma. Before you move into a new apartment be sure to speak with the character manager about asbestos being used in the building. If the building contained asbestos at one time, make sure that it has been fully removed before you decide to move in.

Old School Buildings

Older schools may have gone under the same progression as older apartment buildings. At one time insulation containing asbestos was thought to be safe; however, many schools have worked to remove the dangerous substance after it was discovered to be dangerous. School buildings are required by law to be up to code and school administrators should be aware of any presence of asbestos, past or present. If the building contained asbestos at one time, ask for the dates that it was removed so that you can be sure that the building is safe.

Demolitions of Old Buildings

Demolitions are not only necessary to improvement the real estate market, but are also fascinating to watch. While watching the destruction of a large building can be fun, it is important to be aware that being near the destruction course of action of a building that was built more than 25 years ago could be dangerous. Asbestos was commonly used in older structures and demolition may release dangerous asbestos fibers into the air surrounding the demolition site.

Old Insulation

Asbestos was frequently used as an insulator in buildings until the early 1980s. Over time, the amount of asbestos in insulation has been significantly reduced due to the discovery of the dangers presented by the substance. If you’re thinking of replacing old insulation in your home or office, make sure to contact a specialized to complete the job. Professionals have the skills to remove the insulation without causing damage to those nearby.

Brake Pads

Asbestos found on brake pads in cars is much more shared than you may think. If you need your brake pads replaced, be sure to contact a licensed auto technician. A specialized technician will be able to assist you in safely replacing brake pads that may contain asbestos.

While a good majority of asbestos containing insulation and substances have been removed from older buildings and apartments, asbestos can nevertheless be found in various unforeseen areas. The development of mesothelioma has a drastic effect on the lives of victims, causing them to suffer physically, emotionally, and financially. If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, contact a mesothelioma attorney [http://mesolawsuit.com/mesothelioma_treatment_overview.aspx] closest to learn more about your legal options.

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