Credit Card Debt – The Greatest Debt Horror Story Ever Told and You Ar…

Credit Card Debt – The Greatest Debt Horror Story Ever Told and You Ar…

New credit card debt horror stories are unfolding rapidly as the depression continues to deepen and many experts predict the economy will not get better until 2018. Your interest rate keeps rising, your job pays less or has gone away altogether plus some collection agency has come after you with a chain saw and is promising to separate you from your worldly possessions by taking the food off your table and putting you on the street to survive. Debt zombies are wandering around everywhere and you’re really getting scared. It sounds like a rotten movie but it’s truly happening every day and is considered normal.

There are usually idols and villains in every movie and real life can sometimes be stranger than fiction. You don’t realize it in addition but you are a player living in a horror typical that’s been going on for several centuries now. Nobody expects you to believe that statement but if you have 90 minutes to discover the truth and where you fit in to the picture, get out the popcorn and use the search term “the gig is up–money, the Federal save and the you” to begin your superstar hero training.

Wow, now you know why we’re in a depression, why your jobs were shipped overseas, why every politician lives in mortal fear of challenging the directors of this horror typical and you’re the star of the show? Makes you feel a little “used” doesn’t it. Not only have you been tricked into playing the debt game but the whole country and every citizen is unknowingly included in this cast of millions. The search term “Frontline–the credit card game” will show you the reason everyone with plastic should win an Emmy from the other guy in the White House.

As in any good horror flick someone has to step forward to become a leader, thinker and the how we’re going to start getting out of this mess hero which falls to none other than you. Yes, you might not feel like a movie star in addition but you would like to know how to dump that bucket of hot boiling card debt on the bad guys and have a happy ending to this mess wouldn’t you? It’s easy because everyone else living in this fantasy land truly believes their debt is real but being a graduate of the gig school of law you know what’s real and what’s not.

Cut-and-paste the search term “FTC debt video” where Google will show to you an old law cartoon show written in 1966 which lets you turn the table on the villains. Their phone harassment is just a script they use to coerce money from you and when they stray from what is allowed your rights are violated so you can torture them on their backside in the wallet area. Search “man wins $1.5 million in debt collector lawsuit” or “woman sues debt collector wins $ 8.1 million” to see how easy taking money from these B rated actors really is.

Last thing left to do is need legal proof of debt when you get a collection notice in the mail. Just send it to the collector by registered mail with return receipt requested and he’ll be standing in the unemployment line because he has no legal proof. Hey, they’re poor actors anyway

Credit card debt really is a horror story that is totally fiction but the sad thing is everybody believes it is real. As a superhero all you needed to do was force these scary people to prove it was a real fact of law. Don’t expect to be walking the red carpet at the Emmy awards along with the actors and politicians. Just be happy if you’re not scared of the debt bogeyman anymore. Live life and have fun!

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