Consider Solar to Help Reduce Your Electric Bill

With the new solar tax incentives, you really should consider employing solar strength to help reduce your electric bill. Your up front cost of installing solar strength to help offset your electricity usage will more than pay for itself in just a associate of years with the new solar tax incentives.

But before you start sizing a solar strength system for your home, perform these tips to reduce the amount of solar electricity you will need (and reduce your electric bill). The more energy you need, the more PV panels you’ll have to install and the more costly your solar strength system.

The more energy efficient you make your house, the smaller the solar strength system needed to manager your home, which results in a smaller solar investment and a great way to reduce your electric bill.

Have any old appliances that are energy hogs? Instead of spending additional money to get more solar strength, consider purchasing a more updated, energy-efficient form that will use less solar strength in the long run. Big energy-guzzlers are refrigerators, clothes dryers, and dishwashers. Replacing these items are a great way to reduce your electric bill.

Check doors and windows for air leaks. Conditioned air (hot or cold) is wasted when it just goes outside, causing the air conditioner/furnace to work harder and longer. Fixing air leaks is an easy way to reduce your electric bill.

Consider replacing your traditional water heater with a new on-need water heater. You’ll save electricity because you are not heating water that you are not using 24 hours a day.

Install a programmable thermostat. They are so easy to install and ensure you are not heating/cooling the house when no one is there.

Follow these tips to reduce your electric bill by making your house more energy efficient house. To further reduce your electric bill, install solar panels to start generating your own electricity.  New federal solar tax incentives provide a 30% tax credit for residential solar strength installations – your state may add in more incentives.

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