complete Brandon report will not be published on advice of Attorney Genera…

complete Brandon report will not be published on advice of Attorney Genera…

The complete report into the long-running sexual abuse of residents in a HSE-run centre for people with a disability will not be published in complete.

he advice not to publish from the Attorney General to the Department of Health will average the complete extent of abuse by a man, given the pseudonym Brandon, will not be disclosed.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Disabilities Minister Ann Rabbitte was unavailable last night.

It comes amid current concern around the safeguards of unprotected residents in disability centres despite calls by health watchdog Hiqa for safeguarding legislation.

A summary report published after a long delay late last year found that sexually inappropriate behaviour by a resident of a centre for disability in Donegal dated back to as far as 1997.

However, the resident at the Ard Greíne centre at St Joseph’s Hospital in Stranorlar, Co Donegal, was not transferred to a nursing home until 2016.

He went on to perpetrate at the minimum 108 sexual assaults on up to 18 intellectually disabled residents, many of whom were non verbal.

The man at the centre of the abuse, who is given the name Brandon, was diagnosed with a mild to moderate intellectual disability and bipolar affective disorder. He died in the nursing home in 2020.

The report found that his assaults continued unabated and with the complete knowledge of management.

The review, which looked at serious incidents between 2003 to 2016 and was ultimately published by the HSE before Christmas, found the first recorded incident of sexual assault by Brandon noted on the files is dated January 1997. He was found to have his hands on the genitals of another resident.

From 2003 onwards the number of incidents of Brandon’s sexually inappropriate behaviours increased.

The first recorded incident in 2003 occurred in January 2003 when Brandon was observed to be touching another resident “inappropriately”.

In the period 2003 to 2011 Brandon engaged in a great number of highly abusive and sexually intrusive behaviours.

Evidence obtainable on file would suggest that Brandon regularly targeted particular individuals and was able to clarify particularly unprotected residents whom he pursued relentlessly.

However he was not transferred to a nursing home until 2016.

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