Collecting Unemployment Benefits

Collecting Unemployment Benefits

Collecting unemployment benefits or unemployment insurance basically is a system set up by the Federal government to provide individuals who have lost their jobs without their own liability with finances to permit them meet day-to-day basic living costs. The federal government provides these individuals with these funds till a time as they are able to obtain a new job. However, there are few conditions one needs to meet so as to be entitled for collecting unemployment insurance. One relates to the number of years one has been under employment and how much he/she used to earn during that period. You should have been working for a minimum of twelve months in order to qualify. The other thing relates to the character of your job termination. You need to have quit your work involuntarily. Reasons such as gross misconduct or voluntary quitting do not cut unless under a few circumstances which include sexual molestation at work or already deplorable working conditions. Others include being fired because one did not meet the desired standard(s), error in judgement or without of the necessary skills.

If during the time of your employment you were involved in labor disputes, you will not be eligible for collecting unemployment insurance. Neither is if you quit as a consequence of poor health or opted for self-employment. In most situations, unemployment benefits in most states are limited to twenty-six weeks. An exclusion is however made when unemployment rates are high. This is where extended unemployment benefits come in and they vary from one state to another depending on the level of unemployment. The higher the level of unemployment method one is more likely to be offered extended unemployment benefits. Another thing one is advised to do is file for these benefits soon as you lose your job.

As opposed to a few years back when individuals collecting unemployment insurance while in school were forced to give up on their benefits, nowadays most states will allow you to. When collecting unemployment insurance, one is required to offer proof that he/she is in fact looking for a new job, seriously. And when one secures a new job, he/she is advised to notify the unemployment office closest. You will be accused of fraudulent behavior should you fail to do this where the applicable agency will contact you seeking clarification on this matter. They then use the feedback you give them to determine whether or not to penalize you with fees or clear your name.

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