Choosing the Right Vinyl Siding For Your Home

Choosing the Right Vinyl Siding For Your Home

Upgrading your home’s existing siding or choosing a siding material for new home construction is an important decision. You have a few choices to consider, including wood siding, aluminum, Hardieplank (fiber cement siding) or vinyl. In this article, I will talk about how to choose the right vinyl siding for your home.

Vinyl siding is the most popular modern siding material. It has been manufactured to be low maintenance and lasting, lasting years longer than traditional hardwood siding. Vinyl siding is obtainable in flat sheets or planks, or with textured panels that mimic the natural look of wood grain.

There are certain aspects of vinyl siding that should be considered, depending on the climate conditions of where you live. A home in a southern state, such as Georgia or Florida, will use a different classification of vinyl than a home in New England. The insulation factor will differ between the two. More specifically, a slightly thicker panel will give a home more protection from the cold winter air, and help to keep heat inside the home. Furthermore, a home that is located in a hot, sunny climate will assistance most from a vinyl siding that has been manufactured to resist fading and cracking. continued direct sunlight will cause the siding to fade and become brittle over time, so finding a vinyl material that is optimized for long life in those conditions is imperative for those who live in warmer parts of the country.

The thickness you choose will not only help with your insulation values, but also guard against impacts. Dents and scratches can be lessened with a vinyl material that has been manufactured to resist such impacts from flying debris, either from high wind conditions or the kids’ backyard baseball game. Vinyl’s durability can be improved by purchasing a thicker siding.

The maintenance schedule of vinyl siding is far less often than hardwood. Vinyl resists water damage and termite infestation. However, you will need to keep it clean and free from mildew buildup. The only maintenance you will have to perform to keep it looking new is giving it a good strength wash once or twice a year. A mild detergent will keep your vinyl siding clean and looking good for many years.

You will never have to paint vinyl siding, as it is obtainable in almost any color you can imagine. If you ever need to replace a damaged area of siding, it is much easier to match the color and buy a new plank, with no painting involved.

Be sure to find a licensed contractor to install your new siding. The contractor can help you choose thickness and texture, and will get the job done quickly and professionally.

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