Cataclysm Addon TradeskillMaster (TSM)

Everyone has heard of auctioneer right? That’s the addon with over two million downloads that helps you earn gold in world of warcraft. Before I go into the newest wow gold making addon that works with auctioneer in cataclysm, called TradeskillMaster (TSM), I’d like to first go over what makes auctioneer a success.

1. Auctioneer tracks the data for all items on the auction house.

Think of the stock market, wouldn’t it be cool to see the current going rate of items on the auction house, much like stocks in the real world? Well auctioneer lets you keep track of the ‘market value’ of your items so you know how to price them according to this daily updated amount.

2. Auctioneer helps you search the auction house.

It’s nice to hit search and find what you need all the time right? Well with the standard auction house that isn’t always the case. Auctioneer enhances all the standard features for searching in cataclysm and then goes ahead and adds a associate dozen additional enhancements such as sorting by seller, by market value, by profitability for resale, etc.

3. Auctioneer helps you post your items.

Posting is a pain, already with the updated auction house in cataclysm, especially if you have thousands of items to sell. Just remembering the values is taxing, let alone typing them in over and over again! Auctioneer allows you to store data based on how you want to sell items and then just press batch post to throw them all up on the auction house with one click.

So what is TradeskillMaster and how does it come into play?

TSM works right alongside auctioneer, literally appearing next to the auction house tab when you talk to an auctioneer in wow. It has several roles which automate and simplify the processes of auctioneer, in addition as enhance these roles already further. It also helps with automating decision making for crafting, selling and cancelling.

1. Shopping Lists

Want to just shop for the list of items you need for your auction house business? Now you can press one button and see every item you’d like to use for crafting purposes.

2. Automatic Intelligent Posting

You can now base your pricing off percentage cost of the materials needed, not just on set values you used to have to create on your own with auctioneer’s setup. Creating rulesets which are far more progressive than the standard auctioneer functionality are also possible and fairly easy to implement.

3. Automatic Cancelling of Undercut Auctions

Cancel your auctions that have been undercut by the competition immediately with the push of a button! You can then use automatic rulesets to intelligently repost them based on current prices and long term market values.

4. clarify Items to Craft

Easily look by what items you can craft with TSM and then with the click of your mouse set them up as part of a crafting que, in addition as clarify the items necessary for crafting them.

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