Buy a New LoL Account or raise My Old One: Which is Better?

Ah, the decade-old question – is it better to buy a new LoL account or buy a boosting service so that a specialized can get your account up with the top dogs?

Well, it’s not all sunshine, rainbows, and Lux on the Rift. There are a few bit of Zed shadows mixed up, causing trouble.

You should take into account everything before you make this decision. From the way you play the game, what kind of roles you’re into the most, to what kind of micro and macro gameplay you utilize.

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It mostly depends on whether you have the right skills to immediately climb out of Elo hell and jump straight into a new and powerful meta from Diamond 4 until Challenger Division.

So, let us answer your question with simple facts about what’s the better option to choose from.

Consider Your Skill

A basic thing to analyze before you decide on whether you should buy a new LoL account or raise your old one is your skillset. If you know that you’re indeed a player that doesn’t lose composure when playing with noobs and would gladly carry them on the back, then you can get a specialized to raise your account.

This is because you’ll most likely do great with all of the other players that are ranked Diamond and above. You won’t see anyone trolling their eyes out or inting from the very beginning of the game in higher Elo.

But, if you don’t get along too well with low Elo players and you know that your skills are better than Silver Division – buy a brand new LoL account.

Buying a LoL explain good measures and immediately playing a game of Summoner’s Rift with the big dogs is your best bet to play the game outright.

Boosting Your Account – Merits & Downsides


The only problem with boosting your account, but a major one nonetheless, is losing the experience you attained from leveling up your account with your own sweat. To get someone to smurf your account all the way up to Diamond and then leave it all up to your skills is not a marvelous idea.

Let’s say you’re gaining momentum on the Mid Lane, but for at all event reason, you don’t get the chance to already play the role you’re great at. consequently, you’re at the Top Lane since everyone likes to show off their Mid Lane skills, and you’re up against a Jax with 1,500,000 expert Points.

You know that you’re going to get crushed and end up with a minimum of 1/5/0 at the end of the laning phase. This will continuously happen if you’re not ready to show that you’re great at all of the given roles League of Legends has to offer.

So, if you’re the kind that specializes in a single role, you probably don’t want someone to raise your account since you’ll be met with all sorts of problems, and you’ll ultimately drop down the Elo ladder.

To solve this issue, it’s best to buy a fresh LoL account and start from the get-go. A lot of platforms are happy to oblige if you require an awesome account – Level 30 and above, of course!

The merits of boosting your account are there also. Not having to play the game with trolls that are nevertheless unbanned for some reason, quickly getting ahead without frustration, and perfecting your skills with other valuable players are some of the merits.

Buying a LoL Account – Ups & Downs 

It does save a lot of valuable time to buy a League of Legends account and start anew. However, the biggest downside of this is not having a safe and obtain account. It’s not the same if you give your account to a boosting specialized since you won’t be giving them your email information. If it results in the booster stealing your account, you’ll most probably get it back swiftly if you know your email verification details.

When it comes to the game, buying a League of Legends account has its own upsides and downsides. Some of the pros are that your account is stuck in Elo hell, and it would already be a tough time for a boosting specialized to get you up on greater Divisions. But, with buying a new LoL account, you’ll start from the very beginning of being unranked, meaning that you’ll breeze by the qualifications and set your rank higher and higher with every game you play.

Another merit is that you’ll be comfortable with playing your role with more cherished players. And if you’re interested in improving your skills by purchasing a second LoL account, then you should go ahead and buy one since it’s the best possible solution out there.

As for the downsides – playing on a new account that’s been ranked really high won’t make you already remotely a good player. It’ll do exactly the opposite – making you feel eager, disoriented, and bummed out about being with a negative score each and every game.

Think About the Time and Effort

You probably know that if you want to save valuable time – your best option is to buy a LoL account. Not only will it save your precious time, but the sweating and effort that comes along with boosting your account will fade away. Now the other way around – boosting may come in handy if you’re in college or high school and your attention is focused on the exams and not on playing League.

It’ll save you time for studying while letting a specialized get your account to higher and higher ranks. However, if you’re stuck in Elo Hell and want to escape as soon as possible, buying a LoL account is the safest choice out of both.

Bottom Line

We know that it’s tough to choose between boosting your account or buying a brand new, substantial LoL account. If you’re attached to your past account, it would be already harder to say goodbye to it and move on with another one.

Nonetheless, by, you’ll receive an account as close to your past one as possible. You’ll get 80,000+ Blue Essence, just enough to buy the champion you like. You just have to select what kind of account you want and the server. They offer moment delivery alongside an anti-ban policy. To top it all off, the price of the accounts is a fraction of the cost of other websites, so you won’t regret ever purchasing one.

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