Britain’s Foreign Secretary Liz Truss

Truss, also the Equalities Minister, then invited the crowd to attend Manchester’s premier gay club Cruz 101, where the pair are delivering a speech; Brandis was instrumental in securing gay marriage in Australia before his retirement as attorney-general.

Samuel Armstrong from the Henry Jackson Society, a think tank which takes a hawkish position on security, said Truss’ remarks were unheard of for a British Foreign Secretary.

“In all my years of work in British foreign policy, I have never seen as ringing an endorsement from a foreign secretary for a bilateral and personal relationship as was just handed to George Brandis and Australia,” he said.

Australia’s High Commissioner to the UK George Brandis brandishes a German-made koala, emphasising that they were not manufactured in China.Credit:Callum Stewart

Britain and Australia are next week expected to complete the trade deal agreed to in July when Trade Minister Dan Tehan arrives in London.

Earlier, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, who replaced Truss as trade secretary following her elevation into one of Britain’s four Great Offices of State, said that Britain would not be pursuing a trade deal with China.

“I don’t think that’s at the front of my mind at all,” she told a border event hosted by Conservative Home.

Anglo-Australian relations better than this: Scott (Jason Donovan) and Charlene (Kylie Minogue) on the show Neighbours, which has long been a hit in Britain. Credit:Grundy Organisation

When asked if human rights tests should be applied to future trade deals, she said the argue currently under way in the Commons on the subject was “really helpful”.

Trevelyan was among the handful of Cabinet Ministers who attended the Australian event where Janz sparkling wine and Shaw and Smith red and white wines were served.

Speaking of the beverages, Truss said that the Tasmanian drop tasted better than French champagne.

The elite crowd which included numerous British government advisers were given koala toys which were made in Germany; the event was sponsored by Australian Tory donor and hedge funder Sir Michael Hintze.

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