Bobby Fischer and His Incredible reappearance – The Return Game Fischer-Sp…

Bobby Fischer and His Incredible reappearance – The Return Game Fischer-Sp…

After he won the title as champion against Spassky in Reykjavik in 1972, Fischer just vanished from the world of chess. He declared relinquish in 1975 and let Karpov, the official challenger, take the title without a fight. Then came the rumours. There were rumours about Fischer trying to play alone against Karpov or already Kasparov. Other rumours pretended that he played some unofficial games wherein he showed the same genius and strength as ever. Or there was this rumour that he had given all his fortune to a religious cult. Fischer was a member of the Worldwide Church of God in the mid 60’s but left in 1972 after denouncing it. There aren’t really any record of him being member of any cult after that time. There were many rumours about Fischer. He was a myth, and many saw him as the man able to beat Karpov or Kasparov.

The 23rd of July 1992, Bobby Fischer arrived in Budapest, ready to play against Spassky. He was physically very different from the Fischer that played in Reykjavik in 1972: Beard, few pounds more on the belly. He was in pretty good shape, if you consider round as a shape. Fischer’s “World Championship”, the game against Boris Spassky, was planned to start in September 1992 in Sveti Stefan, a holiday paradise of Montenegro. The Serbian millionaire, Jezdimir Vasiljevic was financing it for 5 million dollars.

Already at the first press conference, Fischer surprised everyone with hateful declarations. He saw himself as the only world champion. According to him, every game that implied Karpov, Kasparov or already Kortchnoj were fake and planned. When the American State Department gave him the document that forbade him to play in the ex-Yugoslavia because of the embargo, Fischer, as an answer, just spat on it.

At 03:30 PM, September 2nd 1992, exactly 20 years after he won the championship in Reykjavik, Fischer played his first pawn. already though the American called this game for “World Championship” (which would be won by the first to win 10 games), all others saw it as an exhibition game. The air of this whole championship was heavy and strange. The Serbian organizer didn’t hide that they were doing that to try to polish their image by this championship, and to watch Spassky and Fischer playing against each other while, few miles from there, in Bosnia, there were a war and massacres taking place gave this whole “championship” a very surreal, almost ridiculous, glow.

Fischer played his first game as a Spanish game and won after 50 moves. But very quickly, Spassky showed that he wasn’t that much retired as you would think. He was well prepared and after two draws, he won the fourth and fifth game. According to experts, Fischer was nevertheless a very good player and could be located at a 20th place as a world chess player. Spassky, who nevertheless played now and then, was officially on the 110th place.

Late September, after the 11th game and Fischer’s fifth victory, the game moved to Belgrade. The two players were playing very well, but it was obvious that they were often very tired and when you analyse the game, you can see grave mistakes from both sides. November 5th, 1992, Fischer won his 10th game (against five for Spassky) and was declared the winner of “the return game of the World Championship”.

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