Bitter Cold Day, Wintry Mix Expected Late Tonight – NECN

While we retrieve from the holiday, the weather pattern delivers a cold, invigorating shot of winter air this morning. The wind chill map below is the coldest we’ll be today. As the winds ease, the wind chill does too. Thankfully, the air temperature will retrieve to the seasonable range this afternoon as the coldest part of this airmass starts to move away.

Tomorrow is the start of the warmup. Temperatures retrieve to the mid-40s, as warm front lifts over the vicinity in the morning. The only fanfare we’ll see from this front is a light batch of light snow or mix overnight. Accumulations will be negligible as the energy is lacking. 

The biggest takeaway from this week will be the without of sun. We’re short on it anyway this time of year, but the clouds just seem to hang for much of the week thanks to decaying weather systems zipping by. We’ll have a chance at a few sprinkles now and then right by Thursday. 

It’s pretty apparent that things have been boney in snow department. Boston has only seen .4” consequently far, when we should have had nearly 8” by now. Worcester has seen just under 4” when we should have seen over 15”. There isn’t any appreciable snow cooking this week as we undergo a mini-warmup. Later in the new year (i.e. next week), the pattern seems to take a turn for the colder. Whether this is sustainable for the long haul (or merely transitory) remains to be seen. The snow drought may continue in the short term, but there’s plenty of winter to come in the months ahead.

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