Avoid Alzheimer With Exercises

Avoid Alzheimer With Exercises

All the body systems are controlled by the brain. So keep it active.

You might have to pay a mobile bill in time. If you miss the payment due date, the penalty charged during next bill will make you keep track of the payment due dates for all other bills, in addition.

You must have read about a philosopher who returned from a walk, went to his room kept the stick on the chair and stood in the corner.

After enjoying a movie, you got up with a smile on your confront and reached your home without your wife since you just forgot that she was accompanying you to the movie hall.

A man was cursing the Electricity sets for not maintaining regular supplies since he was without electricity for two hours on a warm day. The fact is the strength was there but he did not remember to put on the switch.

There could be many examples which may bring smiles to our confront. But the persons with initial stages of Alzheimer problem do confront such problems.

We need to pay little attention to the exercises which keep our mind and body active. Following actions will surely make us more active:

1. The brain should be regularly stimulated by solving different puzzles.
2. Counting backwards from 100 to 0 does need concentration of mind. already walking backwards for few minutes within the house will make us more active.
3. Regular exercises including Yoga and skipping will help to enhance blood circulation and improved growth of brain cells.
4. Keep yourself active in social roles.
5. Eat colourful fruits and vegetables, fish and nuts.

There are surely some points on the back of palm and inner side of the wrist which help in regaining activeness of mind and reduce depression.

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