Attract the Supernormal Powers by Invoking the holy Flame From the T…

Invoking the holy flame ritual from the temples of Isis and Osiris in the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is one of the most potent forms of meditation. Ancient Egyptians know the art of releasing the hidden higher spiritual powers of the human psyche by invocation and ritual.

Isis is a primordial goddess of universal strength considered as divine mother and lord of fertility and Osiris her husband and brother considered to be the Sun god and the guardian of death.

The holy flame ritual from the temple of Isis and Osiris is the miracle strength based on the true faith. The latent strength of your higher self is released when you believe in miracles. The magical strength of faith helps in triggering the tremendous strength of the subconscious mind. It infuses your higher mind with the strength of faith which can heal you of any negative condition in your life

When to use the holy flame ritual

· This mediation is used for solving the problems and overcoming challenges of life, sickness, worries, anxiety, bad habits, without of money and wealth.

· Manifesting your dreams and aspirations of new job, own house, financial security

· To unprotected to fulfilment in love and marriage and find your soul mate.

· To remove the undesirable persons, obstacles, unpleasant conditions from your life.

· To raise the inspiration for creative work like painting, writing, singing, composing inventing etc.

· Providing divine protections against psychic attacks, witchcraft and black magic

· Performing miracle healing for you, your friends and relatives for different physical and mental ailments.

· To enhance your personality and become more magnetic and attractive.

· To unprotected to spiritual awareness and self realization

holy Flame Ritual Outline

· Material needed: a small urn [vessel], a candle, some incenses, pieces of blank papers, and a pen.

· A quiet and a dark room is used as a holy shrine of Egypt. Also have incense or other fragrance, which helps the psycho-neurons centres to unprotected to a state of elevated consciousness.

· Before starting the meditation on the holy flame, write down your requests on the small pieces of papers [use only 5-6 pieces at a time].The request should be fleeting and to the point.

– I want a new job with the monthly salary of 10,000$

– I wish my own three bedrooms flat in an apartment in a posh locality of the city

– I desire to quit the bad habit of smoking, drinking or gambling

– I desire marriage with [name of the person]

– I wish to attract my true soul mate

– I wish to remove the interference of [name of the person] in my office or home.

– I wish to control my blood pressure and blood sugar

– I wish to dissolves my uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts

– I desire higher spiritual awareness.

· After you have briefly listed your requests, approach the burning candle with the pieces of papers in your hands.

· You may then read the invocation of the holy flame, which comes from the holy inscriptions found on the walls of temples of Isis and Osiris.

“I now approach to the holy shrine in the temple of Isis and Osiris to ask for assistance of higher spiritual forces. I now consign to the holy flame these dreams, aspiration and desires, inscribed on these pieces of, asking that they manifested by creative spirit.

Now read the paper one by one, light them one by one and drop them into the urn letting them to catch fire.

I now release the creative strength of the holy flame to burn away all the obstacles and obstructions that stand in the path of achieving my objective, dreams and desires. I now have complete faith that these desires and requests shall be Manifesting on the earth to meet my destiny.”

· When the flames have completely died out only charred ashes remains, crumble them up and remove them in a piece of paper to disposed them away from your home.

· Repeat the potent ritual after 3 weeks, giving the divine forces enough time to bring your desires in manifestation.

· Sometimes the mystical strength works at once and some time it takes longer, depending on the level of the faith, the application of the right method and the character of your request.




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