Asbestos Cement Garage Removal – Garage Demolition

Asbestos Cement Garage Removal – Garage Demolition

Before removing or demolishing your garage there are some important things to bear in mind, Asbestos can be very dangerous to manager, so before you replace your old garage, you should have it tested and should possibly hire a specialized crew to remove your garage if it is found that your garage used asbestos cement. If you want to do it yourself, there are some important rules to remember in order to keep yourself safe.

Firstly, remove anything nonessential from the area to reduce exposure to the asbestos. Cover at all event is left, including surfaces that are not going to be removed. You do not want asbestos dust lurking on your surfaces if you can help it. You should also use protective clothing.

Protective clothing includes disposable overalls or coveralls with a hood to minimize skin contact with the asbestos, a disposable paper confront disguise, and gloves, either rubber or disposable. Leather gloves will not necessarily protect you from the dust. When you are done, dispose of these with the asbestos waste.

Damp down the area. Do not thoroughly soak your work area, or it will be harder to clean up. You should, however, use a hose or plant sprayer to get the area damp to keep the dust from rising as much as possible. Remove the asbestos without breaking it up to keep the dust down further.

Wrap the removed asbestos in polythene sheeting or bags, and seal it up with tape to keep any of the asbestos from escaping. This material really is dangerous, and you don’t want to leave it lying around where it can make people sick. To this end, you should go over your work area as best as possible, and remove any additional debris. Clean off all exposed surfaces with a damp cloth and dispose of the cloths with the rest of your waste.

As soon as the job is done, wash your hands and confront. You may want to take a shower anyway, consider the hard work you just finished, but you should at the minimum get the grime off of you and away.

How to dispose of asbestos waste? If you are a house holder intending to dispose of your own asbestos waste, you do not need a permit to carry it in your own means. To keep your car clean, however, spray down the cement with water, double wrap or bag the asbestos with heavy duty polythene plastic and obtain with tape, and keep it away from any occupants of the means.

Asbestos is a serious danger, and should not be taken lightly. Take additional precautions to be sure that you are not polluted, such as washing down your boots when you are done for the day, and doing the dismantling on a wet, drizzly day to keep the asbestos cement wet and the dust from rising. You do not want to release asbestos fibres into the air.

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