Advantages of Sonamasuri Hand Pounded Rice

Going on a diet? Does this average going off your favorite food, rice? If yes, read on to uncover a healthy way of keeping rice in your diet. The answer lies in going traditional. Eat what was eaten for thousands of years before machines were invented. Substitute the ubiquitous polished rice with the pale Sona Masuri hand pounded rice. Eat rice which has all the nutrients intact. Eat rice milled by hand, the way our ancestors ate it.

Hand polished rice is pulled by hand, so that only the strong outer protection inner, the husk, is removed. It is edible and contains all of the nutrients as character intended.It is hand pounded with a mortar and pestle and winnowed to produce pale, whitish rice. This kind of whole grain is a complicate carbohydrate and produces a mild nutty flavor. It is complete of fiber and may take longer to cook. However, with pressure cookers at hand; it is an easy task to transform hand pounded rice into immediately likable and nutritious food.

Benefits of consuming Sona Masuri hand pounded rice:

• Low on the Glycemic Index, It takes a long time to digest making you feel fuller for longer thereby helping got keep hunger under control

• Presence of fiber aids digestion

• The protein is absorbed quickly and is freely assimilated

• Contains basic nutrients like Manganese, Tryptophan among others

• Selenium in hand pounded rice reduces the risk of cancer of the colon

• Presence of amino acids helps to reduce fatty liver

• Reduces cholesterol and accelerates fat burning making you leaner

• Reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases

• Avoids spikes in sugar levels, It can be eaten by people with diabetes too

• The presence of Vitamin E makes it an anti-aging agent

• Helps to control blood pressure

• Insoluble fibers contribute to preventing formation of gallstones

As you plan your diet combine Sona Masuri with your favorite dal to make a wholesome meal. It grown organically with no adulteration can do wonders for your health. Produced and grown by natural methods Sona Masuri is high in proteins, vitamin B & vitamin E and iron along with several minerals.

A diet consisting of pastel white hand pounded will keep you physically and mentally healthy. Interestingly, Ayurveda indicates many rice based diet plans which are used to treat various imbalances in the body. Eating the right amount of natural hand pounded with your favorite accompaniment is a meal which is easily digestible and gives you basic amino acids – the building blocks of proteins. As your diet continues, you will observe a change in your body making you more active.

While this is an introduction to the advantages that hand pounded rice offers when included in your diet we would also like to hear from you on how hand pounded organic rice has helped you. Any interesting recipes that have enhanced the taste and were appreciated are welcome to be shared.

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