Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Pigeon Control Methods

Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Pigeon Control Methods

1. Fake Owl Statues:

Owls are natural predators and pigeons are scared of them. This natural fear can be exploited and a life size statue of an owl can be installed on top a building to keep the pigeons away. The biggest advantage of this method is that, it is very cost effective. The disadvantage of this is technique is that, although it is effective, it provides only permanent relief from the pigeon problem. This is because the fake owl statue does not move and pigeons soon realize that it does not present any real threat to them.

2. Bird Spikes:

Bird spikes, which appear like sharp needles are devices that are specifically designed to scare away the pigeons and other pest birds. Pigeon spikes are easy to install. They cause great discomfort to pigeons and prevent them form nesting. However, they provide only a permanent solution to the problem. The biggest disadvantage of using bird spikes is that, their installation may cause a important amount of damage to the character.

3. Bird Nets:

Bird nets made of nylon or fiber can be spread along with screws and hooks over the house roof to trap the birds. It is one of the most preferred pigeon control methods. A major disadvantage with this technique is that, the pigeons can peck the net and break free. consequently, it does not offer a long-lasting solution.

4. Sound Deterrents:

Sound deterrents that obtainable in the market make different kinds of sounds such as those of gunshot, hawk sounds and firecrackers to scare away the pigeons. The only disadvantage of sound deterrents is that, their continuous exposure can be a nuisance to the humans.


Pigeon droppings, feathers, and other waste materials that pigeons use to build their nests can not only demean the character worth, but can also cause health complications. Pigeons can be lethal, as they carry various bacteria that spread fatal diseases. consequently, it is very important to adopt a appropriate pigeon control method after weighing its pros and cons.

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