5 Secrets To A Cleaner, More Organized Home

5 Secrets To A Cleaner, More Organized Home

Its no secret that we all want a clean home, but hate the act of cleaning. You go by all that effort, only for it to come back to the mess and chaos it was in no time. The meaningful is to organize and declutter – it will not only make your rooms easier to clean but your house will feel like a sanctuary your can relax in, like it should be.

Follow these 5 secrets to a cleaner, more organized home:

Set a regular time for cleaning

A lot of homeowners only tidy up when their homes start feeling dirty or when they have guests coming over. Dont wait until your surfaces are covered in dust! A regular cleaning schedule is paramount.

Allot some time each week to clean. It doesnt have to be the complete house – it could be the bedrooms this week, the dining and kitchen the next, and so on. A clean home can help raise your mood and is good for the health.


De-cluttering is as important as cleaning. Your home may be dust-free, but you nevertheless wont be able to fully relax because of all the clutter everywhere. Take time to remove as much items as you can that you dont use or dont serve their purpose anymore. Be sure that EVERYTHING has a designated space, especially small items.

Expand your storage

Most of the time, its a houses without of storage space that keeps it from looking clean and organized. If you without storage space, look for unused areas or spaces around your home. It could be under the beds or over the doors.

Its also ideal to maximize your houses vertical space – you can put up more shelves or cabinets so that additional clutter have somewhere to be stored.

Follow a theme with decorations

A space will look cleaner if everything in it looks cohesive. If you have colorful decorations, start with painting your walls or changing your drapes and curtains into a neutral color.

Make cleaning a family activity

You dont have to do everything yourself. If you live with your family, its important that each member has their own responsibilities when it comes to cleaning and organizing. Children can take care of their own rooms and bathrooms, and take turns helping out with the other areas of the house.

To help you unprotected to the sanctuary that your home is meant to be, follow these secrets to a cleaner, more organized home!

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