5 Reasons to Switch to VoIP

5 Reasons to Switch to VoIP

When looking for telephone service, most people automatically think of their local telecommunications provider. If they need additional features such as conference calling, call forwarding, automatic redial and caller ID, it is another trip to the phone company to sign-up (at an additional cost, of course). They happily pay astronomical fees for long distance calls, oblivious to the fact that low cost options exist. Here are some reasons consider Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as an different to traditional telephone sets

1. Do you have huge telephone bills?

VoIP prices are very reasonably priced, and the quality is similar to land line phone calls. Most VoIP sets offer monthly subscriptions, which include free local calls and low-priced international calls. A VoIP provider can save you up to 75% on your telephone/long distance expenses. If you make a lot of international calls, shop around and check out the different VoIP plans for prices to the countries you call the most.

2. Is your telephone service flexible?

VoIP allows users incredible flexibility. Many VoIP users can take their phone adapter with them, and use their telephone number anywhere they have an Internet connection. This includes traveling oversea, while staying in hotels, and already camping. You will be able to take phone calls on your usual number once you have high speed Internet. This is a much better way out for those with active lives when weighed against the cost of cell phones. It is also the ideal solution for mobile workers and those whose jobs include much travel.

3.Does your phone service allow you to choose your own area code?

VoIP providers allow users to choose their own area codes. If you are out of state, and your friends and family all live in a particular location, this is a fantastic option. This will allow them to call you, whenever they choose, and they will not have to pay long distance charges. Some providers extend the area code option to other countries in addition.

4. Are you nevertheless paying additional for telephone features?

VoIP providers are well-known for offering an incredible range of features with their monthly service. Some of the features that come as part of your monthly subscription may include: 3-way calling, 911 emergency dialing, area code selection, call forwarding, call hunt, caller ID, caller ID block, call return, call move, call waiting, directory assistance, do not upset, in-network calls, redial and voicemail.

5. Is your phone system easy to install and configure?

If you are running a small to medium sized business, you need to make sure that your telephone system is easy to install and configure. VoIP is far cheaper than a traditional PBX, and it is so simple to set up you do not need any specialized skills to make it work. These IP PBX systems use a web-based interface that can be managed very easily by your network manager, already remotely.

VoIP Internet users have skyrocketed as broadband access continues to rise, with no slowdown in sight. Service providers such as http://www.voip.com are offering 800 numbers not just for business, but also to individuals who want their friends, family and customers to call them without having to pay any long distance fees. VoIP is not just a cheaper way to make long distance phone calls: it also offers subscribers the opportunity to help their callers reduce their telephone charges and decline the time spent playing phone tag.

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