4 Misconceptions About Psychic Abilities

4 Misconceptions About Psychic Abilities

When you want to learn about supernatural world, there will be a few shared misconceptions related with this strength. And you have to deal with these whole false impressions in order to continue to exist! What are they? Here they are;

Against the faith!

You see, the three big religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam are sharing the same root. consequently, base in their believe system, they act to against these psychic abilities! And there’re lots of verses in their Holy book show their resistance with these powers.

However in the Old Testament, it says when back in pharaoh times, there was a dream interpreter named “Joseph-The Owner of the Dream” who was also an advisor of the pharaoh. He was a respected man and clearly a psychic!

And his profession back then was well respected!

Attracts the dark forces!

shared misconceptions always say that psychic abilities only attract the dark side of human to appear! And that’s not true! Having these kinds of powers are like having a knife! You can always use it for your domestic works like cut vegetables or stuffs like that.

Or you can just go out to the street with the knife on your hands as your tools to mug or rob anybody for their money. It’s only a matter of choice! You can make your psychic abilities for only working with positive matters.

With positive energies and forces with positive intention, you can deliver a good job with other people.

Only foresee negative events.

Sometimes, the universe speaks to you in different way! It can warn you on few upcoming events which can turn out bad! So when you have a bad dream which turned out to happen, you have to know that the universe was already giving you a signal. And you missed to interpret the universe alarm!

Yup, since with the nice dreams, you probably overlook the signal and then that’s why the universe needs to get your attention by sending a bad dream for you to remember. consequently, it’s so absolutely not true if psychic abilities only predict the bad things!

You just don’t read them well!

The chosen one

The last misconception is only the chosen one can have psychic abilities. The fact is you and everyone in this world is born with this capabilities! But once you get older, these special potentials of you tend to get lost over time.

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