3 Secrets For Saving Money on a Real Psychic Reading (Stop Overpaying …

3 Secrets For Saving Money on a Real Psychic Reading (Stop Overpaying …

Who else wants to save money on a psychic reading? Are you sick and tired of “free” psychic offers…and the fake, canned and scripted readings that come with them? I don’t blame you. When I first got started researching psychics close to 20 years ago…until I learned what I was doing, I either overpaid completely…or got suckered by “free” readings that rarely were free…and NEVER were good. Sound familiar? If you are like many of our readers…it unfortunately does.

Here are 3 secrets for not only SAVING money on your next reading…but making sure the psychic you are speaking to is real in addition:

1 – AVOID the “absolutely free” psychic offers at all costs. They are rarely worth the time you use to call them….and they are often a complete scam to boot. (they simply get you into a “bait and switch” style scam that up sells you on expensive sets after your “free” time is done.

2 – Set a BUDGET before you begin…and stick with it! In other words, set 10, 20 or 30 dollars aside, do a little bit of due diligence, and then pick a authentic psychic service to invest in. Don’t “place” more money in the middle of a call…and don’t let yourself be pressured to continue beyond the time and money you promised yourself you’d pay. (in other words…DISCIPLINE is one of the best ways to ensure you stick with your budget, and get a hyper focused reading in addition)

3 – Know what you WANT from the reading…before it begins. In other words, have your questions, conundrums or crisis’s in mind (or on paper) before the reading starts. Be relaxed…but be in control of what YOU’D like to know, and get out of the experience before it begins. The biggest mistake people make when speaking to a psychic is NOT knowing what they’d like to ask…and NOT being “mentally” organized about the outcome they’d like to hear. This leads to way too much “getting to know you” when the reading begins, and can drag out and WASTE your time (and money) before getting to the crux of your crisis…or simply where you’d like insight, information or enlightenment. (and most psychics PREFER a client or caller who knows what they want…and asks them to hone in on it up front)


Always go with sets that offer new caller rates, or special incentives for first time callers. It’s the BEST way to save 70, 80 or already 90% off regularly advertised rates…and you can often get a life changing reading in 30 minutes or less….for the cost of a movie and fast food dinner… if you know where to look.

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