16 Tips to closest Make Your House Pest and Termite Free

16 Tips to closest Make Your House Pest and Termite Free

Every homeowner is petrified of the idea of a pest infestation in their house. However careful you are, chances are that you will have ants and cockroaches in your house; it’s normal. But the real question is you able to contain the effects that they are incurring in your house?

Killing a associate of ants or cockroaches is easy. But in case they form a colony in your house and start an infestation, it will be extremely tricky to stop them. Precisely for this reason, every expert will advise you to act closest if you identify already a hint of an infestation. Sure you can always use pesticides but the chemicals used in them are extremely unhealthy and can affect your health. But before you make a hasty decision and call in professionals, there are things that you can do to eradicate these creepy crawlies from your house.

Ways to effectively eradicate pests and termites

• Don’t leave any crumbs on the table or kitchen counters

• Keep your sugar and honey jar in a safe place so that places don’t get sticky.

• Spray ants with a solution made of soapy water

• Mint leaves are a great ant deterrent. grind and spread them in areas where ants are most active

• Wash your kitchen and washrooms to keep cockroaches out of it.

• Use boric acid. Cockroaches consuming them will die almost immediately. But keep it out of the vicinity of kids and pets.

• Bathe your pets regularly to remove any fleas from their body.

• Vacuum your carpets thoroughly to remove any hidden flea, ants or dust particles.

• Close doors and windows on the side which have drains opposite them.

• Remove any standing water supplies.

• Change the water of your pool twice a week.

• Use a mosquito repellent

• If your house a lot of flies use eucalyptus oil on an absorbent cloth and keep them in places where there are maximum flies.

• Spray your mattresses, pillows and bed sheets using non-toxic mixtures.

• If possible, wash all your bedding in hot water to kill any kind of bedbug.

• If it’s an infestation, act fast and closest vacuum all areas.

These are just a few suggestions that you can follow to effectively remove these unhealthy organisms. If your house is experiencing from an infestation, don’t be a sitting duck. Take the necessary precautions like and you might never have to confront these problems again. Letting them form a colony can be devastating for your house.

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