textiety and other

‘Textiety’ and Other Social Networking Disorders

A new disorder has been sweeping the planet for years, and now it has a name. The person who frets

the meaning of

THE MEANING OF LIFE – The Secular Versus the Religious Path

In a conversation between Susan Blackmore and Jordan Peterson, both respected academics and published authors, the interviewer and moderator, Justin

College football halftime winner shares gospel after winning $100G in tuition

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how to sense

How to Sense Low Levels of Asbestos in Your Daily ecosystem

My discovery came to me by accidentally removing an asbestos material in my home. The resulting condition of the whole

review of msi

Review of MSI NF750 – G55 Motherboard

INTRODUCTION MSI is one of the giants within the PC hardware industry. They have been around for as long as

how to quick

How to Quick Save Your Game in the Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda The game The Legend of Zelda is a game that requires continued progress, each moment may

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